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NashvilletoNaplesrealtor: The Nashville to Cookeville Real Estate Growth ex...

NashvilletoNaplesrealtor: The Nashville to Cookeville Real Estate Growth ex...: HOW DO YOU STOP A TRAIN ?   YOU DON’T !!!  When growth and progress get on track there is no stopping it!! You'll be confronted w...

The Nashville to Cookeville Real Estate Growth explosion

YOU DON’T !!! 

When growth and progress get on track there is no stopping it!! You'll be confronted with only two choices – get on board or get left behind !!!!

As a local Nashville Realtor and one that sells a lot of land I tend to see growth patterns before others believe me it is coming simply because when I list large land tracts the type of calls I get tell me who is looking at the area and what is potentially coming. It makes sense right?  If I had the money to invest myself I would be laughing all the way to bank with one of my listings right now. I often share my thoughts with friends, some have listened and done extremely well and then there are those (I will leave their names out) that say they want to wait and see.  When I call them back to say to say guess what... you should have.... they just want to die. Well, here I go again and you can listen up or you can sit back and watch someone else grab this one too.  I have a HOT land listing !!!!

We all know that Nashville is on fire and that we are growing leaps and bounds. We are actually running out of land space so we are tearing down the old and rebuilding the new. However, not everyone wants to live IN the city so we are also doing that 'sprawl thing'. Many, many times my clients will tell me they are willing to drive 30 minutes to an hour to be here or there.  Nashville buyers are coming in from one end of the country to the other so they are used to urban sprawl.  A 50 minute commute is nothing these days and when on a great roadway such as I-40 is it a piece of cake. 
So with this said, let me educate you as to the what, the where and the  why that sprawl is moving in the direction of.... COOKEVILLE TN. Cookeville, a mere 70 miles east of Nashville proper is the proud home of Tennessee Technology University, a fabulous public university that has seen tremendous growth in the last few years now boasting of 87 buildings sitting pretty on 235 acres. This is the direction that train of progress is going for sure.

Still wonder if I am right ?  Have you noticed who else believes in this direction? 
ACADEMY SPORTS recently gobbled up an old farm just outside of the city and are soon to complete/open their amazing new venture.  A 1.6 million Sq foot state of the art distribution center that will soon be the work of place of  700 + new employees .  Hummm,  as a realtor I immediately think they are going to have to live somewhere.  Where? 

Artist rendering of big things to come 

soon to be complete UP and running !!!

Check out the site of the new HIGHLAND BUSINESS PARK - now complete and ready for business just west of Cookeville on the Nashville side. 

Built and ready for business 

Cookeville was granted this project
due to their amazing infrastructure
and future forecasted planning 
Also sits right along the I-40 exchange

 Also, both UPPERMAN Middle and UPPERMAN High School are new as well.  State of art schools built for high population and ready for even more future growth population. Sounds like everyone in the know is ready for bigger things to come. 

Oh I could go on but that is just a wee taste of why that train is charging in that direction - Firstly, we need it and secondly the city is ready, organized and prepared so any big business that looks at this as a likely direction the decision is made easily.  Cookeville is the next explosion and it is well on the way. 

So getting to the real point ~ which is this !!!  

I have a 461 acre piece of prime development land that is only 50 minutes from the heart and sole of Nashville, the Music City and only 15 minutes to Cookeville the latest New Hot Spot for development and major growth.   Sitting just 2.5 miles directly off I-40E this land offers it all. Talk about LOCATION ~ LOCATION ~LOCATION. Those are the 3 magic words in my business.  This location is perfect for not only the Nashville sprawl but dead on for Cookeville too.  It is just 2 or three exists down from the center of the city and to me that is PERFECT 


The Location of this farm, it's proximity to the highway and how it is situated so perfectly between Nashville and Cookeville make it a slam dunk, top notch quality land investment listing and one that if you are a savvy buyer, interested in land this is one you should be looking at..... sooner than later. 

For more pictures of this fabulous property click here  it is just that easy!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

An Italian Love Affair

I suppose I could blame this all on my sister who lived for many years in Florence Italy,  she is a sculpture.  She taught me what GOOD Italian food was really all about.  Delicious and not what most really think of - definitely more than boring pasta with tomato sauce that is for sure.  Food, great environment and laughter is what really makes a meal and we certainly had all of that last night at FIFTY FIRST Kitchen and 
Bar in the Nations ( also a fabulous spot all 
on it's own ).  
Nashville is really putting it's name on the global map especially related to wonderful places to live and eat.   

My real estate partner and I are now on a task to eat in every new restaurant and try something we have not had before - having a blast doing it too.  Not only are we being true supporters of the communities we sell in but we are getting to know the vendors first handedly.  If you have not been to Fifty First kitchen and bar yet you owe it to yourself to stop in for a delicious meal and while you are there be sure to say hello to Caroline Galzin, wife of TONY GALZIN, the executive chef and partner of this amazing new restaurant.  I promise it will become your Italian Love Affair 

Fifty First Kitchen & Bar is a seasonally focused neighborhood restaurant with technique rooted in rustic Italian cuisine. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Amazing NEW restaurant ~ AVO

AVO is my new FAV

AVO is just about the most refreshing and hugely exciting new hot spot in Nashville today.  July 10th marked their official grand opening and in my opinion it also marked a wonderful day for all foodies.  
A healthy, truly delicious entirely plant-based menu, purely clean non processed ingredients and nothing heated above 118 degrees totally preserving the living enzymes, vitamins and all nutrients is what you get.  
The menu is outstanding and offers it all.   In short it is a collection of mouth watering, taste exploding pure enjoyment.  For the first time in my life I had a hard time picking what I wanted to eat rather than what I could eat or had to eat in order to enjoy the event of going out to dinner.  Not only was the menu fabulous but the decor was too.  The design is as clean and refreshing as the food.  It just makes you want to walk right in and become apart of it all. Can you tell I am really excited about this restaurant ~ I am !!!

I really love to see Nashville changing the way it is.  It is just such an exciting city, growing in such a wonderful way with purpose, style and huge personality.  I guess that is a huge thank you to our current mayor thank you Carl .  I have been here since 1998 and the changes are unbelievable. Avo is a wonderful new addition to the many amazing restaurants we already have but for me personally it is truly a keeper because I am such believer in clean eating.  I have always struggled because that does not mean boring. I love going out.  I still want a well deserved cocktail, something fabulous to eat and something that I probably would never make myself.  I don't want to have to refinance my home to pay the bill either, over pricing drives me insane - and we all know who does that !!!! 

If I was giving a grade out to 10 with 10 the highest - Avo gets the 10 and that really is a first !!!!

If you don't know this restaurant yet

                                     be sure you check it out AVO 

Sydney celebrating the end of our great evening with the owners 

Thank you ladies, such a fun nite out !!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Great Summer Escapes

You know when I was a kid growing up going to the cottage on weekends or better yet the long weekends was everyones greatest dream come true.  The cottages back then were certainly not what they are today nor are they only for weekends or special occasions ~ nope !!!!  not at all !!!!

Todays Great Escape is a 365 day possibility and in most cases it is quite luxurious.  Maybe the Grandparents live there year round and you are just lucky enough to be the frequent visitor.  Either way if that run away looks like this one ...... WOW.

Extreme luxury estate nestled in the rolling hills of Middle TN. Just minutes to Center Hill Lake, this vacation or retirement retreat will have you feeling true tranquility.
The half mile driveway boasts this homes complete privacy. Step onto the covered front porch, with beadboarded ceilings and into the home's front foyer with cathedral ceilings and the wide set staircase.
Enter the dining room with floor to ceiling Anderson tilt out windows gleaming views under the tray ceilings bright with lights in the trim. Take notice of the one of a kind Tracy Porter Chandellier- a designer's dream.
This chef's kitchen is decadent with it's Stainless Steal appliances loaded with gas cooktop-double ovens-warming drawer-stainless steal kitchen sink and so much more. Burnt Cherry red (appear brighter in pictures than real life) built in cabinets complimented with sparkling quartz countertops and a furniture grade chef's Island overlooking the open floor plan into the living room.
Come sit by the fireplace with friends and family infront of the built in media center, or wander into the Bell room with beautiful rod iron work and barnwood walls. Feel a bit of Tennessee history while sitting infront of this stacked stone-wood burning fire underneath the antique 100 year old Train Bell. Electronically open the windows up top of the Bell Tower for a touch of breeze.
For utmost security, the home has indoor and outdoor security cameras, a safe room and a tornado shelter.
The soundproof, Master bedroom is spacious downstairs off the living room with full dressing room, smart room, whirlpool tub and standing shower.
Plenty of room for guests with beautiful and spacious guest bedrooms upstairs- both with access to the upstairs balcony.
Not to mention the FABULOUS Inlaw/guest suite. This suite has its separate entrance, full kitchen, living room, laundry hookups and french door balcony.
Just to mention a few of this luxury estate's many features ~ 3 car garage and a separate 200 sq foot studio or bunk cabin with electricity, basketball court off back patio, AND a treehouse.
Follow the driveway out on your way to the lake or take the historical road to Lancaster to your most precious memories ahead. This property is simply fantastic and if you are looking for that perfect second home, the home away from home .....this is IT!!!!

** A few extra details include
- front gate is remote control at the gate or from the home
-safe room, security cameras & heat pumps w/back-up
-on demand water heater, 600 amp service with whole house surge protection and underground wiring
-the apartment has separate electric water heater and heat pump

To view all the photos click HERE

Monday, May 4, 2015


Ask yourself this - have you ever been in the car driving around desperately searching for real estate because you're in a panic that it is all being gobbled up and you are being left behind?  The prices are rising, interest rates are climbing and you are still not in the game yet. Or better yet, which is even worse while driving around have you ever said " we should have bought when....."  well I know I have and I have never gotten over a few listings that I missed because I wasn't ready or I thought I would make a call tomorrow.  GONE !!!!  Now if I want them they are double the price and out of my reach. LAND INVESTMENT PROPERTIES  are there but you need to be on your game.

People often ask me - what is my best real estate investment and my answer is always the same ~ LAND.  If you don't have the cash to carry it as it grows, as in.... fix the roof, call a plumber, buy a new HVACS, yikes- they didn't pay their rent... then buy LAND in the right LOCATION. You will never go wrong.

Study the growth paths of population, commercial growth and traffic patterns - then geographically go out by a few years and buy land.   Buy LOW and wait to sell HIGH.  You can not stop a train!!! Growth in major cities is a guarantee and Nashville TN is on fire and growing at a frighteningly rapid rate.  However, it is one of those locations where you need to be proactive and make that decision TODAY, or, you too will disappointed about the one that got away.  Buy that land, pay your land taxes once a year and simply sit back and wait.  With the global scope of the internet you are not the only one looking - the audience is now world wide. Global investing is now as common as the cold. International land investing is ever growing.

If you are looking to park your money in a good solid safe investment and land seems like an attractive solution to you not missing out ~ give me a call.  Check my website too to see some of my amazing listings that will offer tremendous opportunities to those who chose to wait but win !!!

If you don't see what you are looking for please be sure to email me ~ not all my listings go public. FYI - all my Peaceful Haven listings are under contract but will still show up on the public websites until they actually close - sorry that is out of my control .

Visit my website for details

Sunday, April 26, 2015


10 Tips For Spring Cleaning – Naturally     

TOTally copied and pasted this blog page because it was already so good and wanted to share - for more fun stuff like this visit  to see more ~ I love their site, such great ideas !!!!

This one was written by AshLeigh Baker 
10 Ways to Clean Naturally
If you’re anything like me, you’re more than ready for sunny days and the fresh breeze of springtime. It’s high time to open the windows, air out the house, roll up our sleeves and get going on that spring cleaning!
I tend to be a bit hesitant to pull out the harsh chemicals when it comes to deep cleaning my home in preparation for warm weather. With children and pets running around the house, I’m a big fan of natural ways to make my home sparkle!
This week found me scouring the internet (pun absolutely intended!) for new ideas on keeping my spring cleaning safe, natural, simple and effective. Here are a few I’ve found!
How to Clean Your Counter With Lemons
// 1 //
“To clean and disinfect a laminate counter top or cutting board, cut one whole lemon and in half and squeeze its juice onto the counter top. Work the juice into stains, using the lemon halves as scrubbing tools. Let the juice sit on the stains until these disappear. The citric acid content of the lemons removes the stains. Rinse the counter with clean water and dry it.”
How to Clean Your Plants With Salt
// 2 //
Artificial flowers: Place the fake blooms inside a paper bag and pour in salt.
Close the bag and shake vigorously. The salt will dislodge accumulated dust and dirt.”
How to Clean Your Walls With Baking Soda
// 3 //
How to Remove Crayon from Walls:
Make a paste with baking soda and water.
Gently scrub the crayon marks with the paste.”
How to Clean Tile With Toothpaste
// 4 //
Spackle nail holes in a wall in lieu of plaster.
Clean tile grout and shower runners. Remove build-up with recycled old toothbrushes and paste and rinse with vinegar.”
How to Clean Mold With Tea Tree Oil
// 5 //
“I recently had a knock-down, drag-out fight with mold. Things got ugly fast when a leak in the basement wasn’t fixed quickly enough, and before long, mold was all over everything that was stored down there. While I had to throw a lot of things away, I saved a lot thanks to a really easy and natural solution that kills virtually all strains of fungus – plain white vinegar with about a teaspoon of tea tree oil added to it, in a spray bottle. Spray liberally and vigorously wipe all affected surfaces, but don’t rinse.”
How to Clean Windows With Newspaper
// 6 //
“When buffing the clean, dry glass, use a pad of crumpled newspaper. The printers’ ink will give your windows an extra sparkle.”
How to Clean Your Home With Vodka
// 7 //
“Make an all purpose cleaner by just mixing 1 part of vodka with 2 parts of water. Don’t worry when the vodka dries the smell of it disappears. This mixture also works perfect on mirrors and glass surfaces.”
How to Clean Your Furniture With Olive Oil
// 8 //
Combine ¼ cup olive oil with 4 tablespoons vinegar and 2 teaspoons lemon juice for a homemade furniture polish. Mix ingredients together, pour into a spray bottle and shake well before use. Store leftover polish in the fridge to prevent the lemon juice from going bad.”
How to Clean Your Bathroom With Peroxide
// 9 //
“Add 2 oz. of 3% hydrogen peroxide to your regular dishwasher’s washing formula.
Fill a spray bottle with a 50/50 mixture of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water and keep it in every bathroom to disinfect without harming your septic system like bleach or most other disinfectants will.”
How to Clean Your Carpet With Vinegar
// 10 //
Carpet Stains—after blotting stain with paper towel, mix one teaspoon dish soap with one teaspoon vinegar dissolved in 2 1/2 cups warm water. Apply to stain and rub gently. Rinse with warm water. Blot dry.”
Tell me – are you ready for spring?
What’s the #1 area in your home that could benefit from some deep cleaning?